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Virgo Voyager
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Through the 1970s and 1980s, a family of robust sailing boats were built by Newbridge Boats in Dorest. This website offers links to information about this range of excellent sailing boats, many of which are still in very good condition and sailing the waters around the United Kingdom. The boats were designed by a number of well known people including Ron Lunney, Bill Dixon, Robin Tucker.

The Virgo Voyager has sailed to the Azores and Ellen Macarthur sailed her Corribee around the UK. These are great craft, strong and sea-kindly. Maybe not the fastest in the harbour but their strength is reassuring when the conditions get a bit tougher.

An approximate guide to dimensions would show:
Navigators - 19' LOA
Venturers - 22' LOA
Corribees & Coromandels - 21' LOA
Virgo Voyagers - 23'
Pioneers and Pioneer Pilots - 26' LOA

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